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Our Managers

MARK ESKESEN Examples of Our Work View Mark's Testimonials
Calgary painter Mark Eskesen

Manager: Exterior and Interior Repaint

Mark's residential house painting career started at the age of 15 under the hands of his father, a European Master Craftsman and Residential Painting Contractor. Mark has been a painting contractor with Harding’s Painting since 1999. Mark values his clients as individuals, and enjoys developing long term relationships while offering a professional house painting service. Mark manages in the residential house painting market.

ATTILA DRASKOCZY Examples of Attila's Work View Attila's Testimonials
Calgary painter Attila Draskoczy

Manager: New Construction

Attila has been in the Calgary house painting service since 1995 and has been a local painting contractor with Harding's Painting since 2000. Attila is currently working with numerous Calgary homebuilders and professional contractors in the new construction market. Attila is a professional painting contractor and he offers his house painting services for interior and exterior painting in Calgary. He enjoys developing long term, trusting relationships with people who are looking for an honest Calgary painting contractor. In October 2011, Attila became president of Harding’s Services.

COREY ARSENAULT Examples of Our Work View Corey's Testimonials
Calgary painter Corey Arsenault

Manager: Commercial Painting

Corey and his team of commercial painters understand that to contribute to your project as a commercial painting contractor they need to minimize the disruption to your business, work to your deadlines and time constraints, work well with your other trades, and produce paint job that is serviceable and of the highest standards.

The main areas of focus for a successful commercial painting contractor are project management and people.

We look forward to working with you on your next project and to prove to you that you have found the best commercial painting team in Alberta. Please contact us anytime!

PETER WHITELEY Examples of Our Work View Peter's Testimonials
Calgary painter Peter Whiteley

Manager: Exterior and Interior Repaint

Peter first wielded a paintbrush while working with his father during his late teens. Peter has been offering his house painting services in Calgary with Harding’s Painting since 2004. Peter is a residential painting contractor where he offers painting services for interior and exterior house painting as well as commercial painting.

STAN CHRISTMAS Examples of Our Work View Stan's Testimonials
Calgary painter Stan Christmas

Manager: Commercial Painting

Stan began his commercial and residential painting career as a student painter while obtaining a degree in Industrial Education at university. In 2005 he saw an excellent opportunity to run his own industrial painting service company within Harding’s Painting.

Stan takes great pride in customer satisfaction and strives to exceed the standards set in Calgary by commercial painting contractors. Whether in his commercial, residential, interior and exterior house painting work, customers are always pleased with the work done by Stan and his team of professional painting contractors.

With his primary focus in the Calgary commercial painting sector, Stan will be happy to tackle all of your painting projects whether they large or small.

HARLEND BRISDEN Examples of Our Work View Harlend's Testimonials
Calgary painter Harlend Brisden

Manager: Exterior and Interior Repaint

Harlend began in the interior house décor business in 1973. In 2002 he began working with Harding's Painting a house painting company in Calgary and discovered a residential painting company with a similar attitude, viewpoint and “Vision" as his own, which is to offer a Cost effective house painting service to Calgary with a "Standard of Excellence". Harlend offers both interior paint and exterior house paint services in Calgary and Cochrane.

JASON PEARCE Examples of Our Work View Jason's Testimonials
Calgary painter Jason Pearce

Manager: Exterior and Interior Repaint

Jason started offering his house painting services in 1998. He joined the Harding's Painting company team in 2007. He takes pride in his work, attention to detail and continuing customer satisfaction. Jason manages his home painting contractor business in the residential painting market, offering interior and exterior house painting in Calgary.

MATT WHITELEY Examples of Our Work View Matt's Testimonials
Calgary painter Matt Whiteley

Manager: Condominiums

Matt started to work for a house painting contractor in 2006. He joined Harding’s Painting as a painting contractor in 2011. Matt's main focus is to have a long-term professional painting contractor relationship with all of his commercial painting customers.

BRANDY and AARON ROSS Examples of Our Work View Brandy & Aaron's Testimonials
Calgary painter Aaron RossCalgary painter Brandy Ross

Managers: Exterior and Interior Repaint

Brandy started offering house painting services in 2004. She joined Harding’s Painting in 2005 and started in her house painting division. Her husband Aaron later teamed up with Brandy to form Harding’s Painting’s residential painting husband and wife management team. This energetic couple cannot wait to be a part of your house décor process and offer suggestions both on interior and exterior décor, while maintaining a professional painting contractor relationship through their hard work and dedication. They always strive to be a professional and attention to detail house painting company. Brandy and Aaron manage in the residential interior and exterior house painting market. They are currently developing the Okotoks, De Winton and High River area markets for Harding’s Painting.

MIKE TWAN Examples of Our Work View Mike's Testimonials
Calgary painter Mike Twan

Manager: Exterior and Interior Repaint

Mike became a house painting contractor in 1996. He joined Harding’s Painting in 2004 and became a residential painting contractor. Mike prides himself on hard work, a job well done “every time”. Mike enjoys and strives for creating long term residential 0home painting contractor relationships with his customers. Mike manages in the residential painting market offering interior and exterior painting.

PHIL ZOORKAN Examples of Our Work View Phil's Testimonials
Calgary painter Phil Zoorkan

Manager: Exterior and Interior Repaint

Phil began his painting contractor career in 1984. Phil joined Harding’s Painting in 2012 and started offering house painting in Calgary immediately. Phil prides himself on being a professional residential painting contractor who has a need for high quality work and long lasting relationships with his customers. Currently Phil is developing the Langdon, Strathmore and Chestermere area for Harding’s Painting.

JUDITH VIRAG View Judith's Testimonials  
Calgary cleaner Judith Virag

Manager: Harding's Cleaning

Judith joined Harding’s Cleaning in 2012 and started offering a professional residential house cleaning and maid service in Calgary. Her janitorial services include residential, commercial and office cleaning by her maid and janitorial cleaning company. Her Calgary cleaning services include a Peace of Mind Commercial and residential cleaning services in Calgary. Judith strives to be Calgary’s best cleaning Service Company.

RYAN SEELY View Ryan's Testimonials  
Calgary window washer Ryan Seely

Manager: Harding's Window Washing

Ryan started commercial and residential window washing in 1994. He joined Harding’s Window Washing in 2012 and started offering window washing services in Calgary. Ryan's first mentor was the gentleman who had the commercial window washing contract for the Calgary Tower. Ryan took to the exterior and residential Window Washing trade immediately. He started to appreciate window washing in Calgary. Ryan always wanted to manage a window washing service company in Calgary where he can create long term relationships with all his clients.

ROBERTO MORALES View Roberto's Testimonials  
Calgary texturer Roberto Morales

Manager: Harding's Texturing

Roberto started in the texturing, drywall repair business in 1991 while learning the tricks of a Texturing Company from his father. He joined Harding’s Painting in 2006 and started a professional Texturing Service Company in Calgary. Roberto’s experience together with a keen eye for detail, a commitment to quality, and a constant striving for excellence, set Roberto’s texturing company apart as one of the best ceiling, drywall repair, texturing, and knockdown Texture applicators in the city.

CORTNEY OSNESS View Cortney's Testimonials  
Calgary painter Cortney Osness

Manager: Exterior and Interior Repaint

Cortney began his house-painting career in 1998. He was a residential painting contractor for Harding’s Painting until 2011 and became a manager in our residential painting market in 2013. Cortney’s professionalism as a painting contractor became noticeable through his high quality work; putting the customer’s needs first and offering a worry free interior and exterior painting service. Because of this professional approach, Cortney received our Customer Choice Award in 2012.

WES PITCHER View Wes's Testimonials  
Calgary painter Wes Pitcher

Manager: Airdrie

Wes started his indoor-outdoor house paint career in 2002 with Harding’s Painting as he attended university. In 2013 he became a manager in the painting company and became Airdrie’s local painting contractor. Wes takes care to ensure your home and its décor are left undisturbed, beautified and protected after he leaves. He places a high value on serving his customers, and seeks to build relationships with them. Currently Wes is developing the Airdrie and surrounding market area for Harding’s Painting.
View a Video Painting Testimonial

Calgary handyman Gary BrownCalgary handyman Jackie Brown

Managers: Handyman Division

Gary has been in residential and commercial construction industry for over 25 years. During that time he has offered Calgary his handyman services and developed a wide range of skills and depth of knowledge. Gary is a trained General Contractor and Project Manager. In 2014 Gary and his wife Jackie joined Harding’s Services to be their Calgary Handyman Service manager. Gary takes great pride in his handyman services. His attention to detail and communication skills are top quality. Gary strives to give every client a job very well done.

Calgary painter Fabian Rubio

Manager: Exterior and Interior Repaint

Fabian started in the residential house painting business in 2006. In 2014 he joined Harding’s Painting where he is managing in our Calgary new construction house painting market. He is a professional painting contractor where he specializes in new construction house painting, offering painting services in interior and exterior application. Fabian delivers the best quality for all his costumers every time. Looking after every detail is his top priority.

Calgary painter Gyula Toth

Manager: New Construction

Gyula has been in the re paint and new construction painting business in Calgary since 2002. His main focus was on interior residential and commercial painting. He started to work with Harding’s Painting as an interior painting contractor in 2003. Since that time, Gyula has mastered his painting skills including fine finishing, lacquering, staining, shading and providing a high end product every time.

Gyula is dedicated to quality, teamwork and communication. This focus and attention to detail comes from his assistant coaching experience with the Canadian National Men’s and Women’s Water Polo team. One of his many coaching achievements is the qualification and representation of Canada in the 2008 Beijing summer Olympics.

Kristie Landry

Office Manager

Kristie joined the Harding's Services management team in 2012 and enjoys the challenges of office manager in a fast paced environment. Kristie's experience includes working in numerous offices where she looked after various administrative responsibilities and projects. She looks forward to working with all the managers at Harding's Services on a daily basis as well as assisting all of the customers.

Kelly Schriver

Administrative Assistant

Kelly joined Harding’s Services as an Administrative Assistant in 2013.
Her previous work experience includes working for the Provincial Government.
She enjoys interacting with people and has substantial experience and training in the various elements of customer service. Kelly enjoys working at the Calgary Home & Garden show where she has an opportunity to meet many of the customers face to face. Kelly is happy to be a part of the Harding’s management team and she looks forward to helping all of Harding's customers.

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March 2015

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Harding's Services has begun their journey on leadership growth. Thanks to Tibi Ribi with Leaderimpact group, we kicked off a ten week long session on leadership. We are reading and analyzing the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell. All of us look forward to growing and evolving throughout this process.

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